A Future Without Him, Why It Looks Good?

So, just to review the video.

1. Identify what was going on in your relationship before the breakup.

Were you growing apart?

Were you feeling good in the relationship or were things starting to fall apart?

Was the relationship heading in a positive direction or a negative direction?

2. Create a Negative Future – meaning – if your relationship would’ve kept heading in the same direction before the breakup, would you be happy in a year? 2 years? 5 years?

Or would you be miserable?

3. Create that miserable future as true.  You broke up for a reason and people don’t just wake up and decide to have a great relationship again, and start over… at least very very few can do it.

4. Put that “negative future” into those moments when you’re feeling resentment and regret.

5. Be Happy You’re Not In That Relationship Anymore.

6. Love Yourself!  You deserve that fairy tale love story you’ve always dreamed of.

Thanks for checking out my video.  Let me know what other types of tips and tricks you’d like me to teach about in the comment box below or email me at katya@breakupadvice.com for a faster response.

I’m here to serve you so please feel free to share what you’re going through and I will do my best to help.

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  1. I separated from my husband due to lies, stealing and not spending time with our family. He only wanted me back to provide him with health insurance while he did next to nothing for our child. He filed for divorce and I can not seem to get past being used. He even gets away with making alot of money and paying so little for his child. He seems to propser and I seem to fail in every area, and arrogantly suggests he wants his family though I feel he has moved on. How can I get my confidence back after this betrayal?

  2. Milla says:

    My husband had an aifafr in 2002 with our sons sister in law. And now she will not leave us alone.?I chose my marriage over leaving him.I have tried many times to forget what happened. I was putting in many hours at work. Put my job before my husband and Yes I blame myself as much as I do anyone. Our daughter in law told her sister so many lies about me to her sister. And she even sent my husband an invitation to her and my sons wedding as long as he DID NOT Bring my fat ass and that was how it was worded on the invitation. So in the long run it caused a big fight and I was kicked out I was gone 2000 miles away I went to Virginia from Arkansas because that was the only place I had to go. But the funny was the day after the Wedding he borrowed money from his mother and brought me home. I can NOT stomach this woman. She has caused all sorts of trouble in my life and in my marriage. She has the hots for my husband just as her older sister does. She treats my husband like Shit these days. If we go to my sons house She goes in the other room and ignores us. Or turns up the TV so we almost have to scream to be heard. But yet I am expected to watch her kids for FREE. And now I am being made to watch her sisters kids. I have told them repeatedly that Her sister is NOT allowed at my house but they bring her everytime they come. Just to cause trouble. Her sister is a leech. She follows my husband around like a dog in heat. But everyone asks WHY I don’t like Misty, I asked them if they have about a week for me to tell them the reasons behind me not liking her. She bought booze for my son when he was 14, took him parking with her sister when he was 15, gave them rubbers when he was 16 and he got her sister pregnant, Quit Schooll at 18 to get them an apartment. Ruined my marriage because she had an aifafr with my husband knowing he was a married man. Moved in our house with my son and his wife. And expected us to support all of them. Got a Van from us. And refuses to register it in her name. And has a 7 year old that she abuses that my husband is the father of.But blames her on a drug addict she was seeing after she was with my husband. But she was with my husband of and on from August of 2001 until October of 2003. And the kid was born June 24th 2004. But she was not with the Druggy until December of 2003.Those are just a few reasons. Is there someway I can keep this woman from being able to come to my home and stay out of my life. She just keeps causing trouble. It is real hard to move past the mistakes in the past when I face it everyday of my life. I have her kids 3 days a week and I have my grrandkids Monday through Friday. Even when we lived in another town my daughter in law would bring her to our house with them. I have told our daughter in law that they can come But her sister is NOT wanted. And I refuse to watch the kids but it was either watch them or them make my son Quit his Job and him watch them. Or them all 8 move back in on us in our House. We have done to above and it does not work. Restrianing order does not work because this woman lives with my son and daughter in law. She drives a Van that is registered in my name.Our son is the one who told me who his dad was messing with. And came and told me. His dad kept denying it. Even after I ended up on several meds because of her being so nasty. She walked in and he wanted to know why she was there and she told him I knew everything. He got mad. And called her all sorts of stuff. I have told her, Our son and his wife that she or her kids are NOT Welcome at our house. But every time they come over she has to come with them. My husband has told her Right in Front of me what happened WAS WRONG and he wants to work on our Marriage and Does NOT want her But her haed is Hollow she does not get it. And refuses to listen.

  3. miawohl36@gmail.com says:

    Thank you, this is very good information that I really needed at this time during a break up of a long distance romantic relationship, where I had feelings but he moved on without my knowledge until recently when I found him telling a woman he loved her and was talking on the phone to her the same time he was telling me he was too busy to talk to me…mia

  4. kitty says:

    Thanks for your great tips, they really provide me support and a bit of comfort in these rough times. I really try to believe that everything will get better as you say, and I’m using all of your tricks to get there. Thank you!

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