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Hi, I’m Katya, thank you for stopping by.  I’m going to help you get out of pain.

I know that the reason that you are here isn’t positive or fun.  I am truly sorry to hear about your recent break up.

You must be in a lot of pain right now.  I know how hard it is to move on after a break up.

You’re probably wondering when this pain is going to stop.

You might feel like it’s really hard to control your emotions right now, like you just want to get a grip, but that bottomless feeling of emptiness has a tight hold on you.  You feel depressed, hollow, like nobody understands.  You don’t know how you’re going to get over him.

Again, I am so sorry that you have to go through this nasty break up.

Breaking up feels like a death.  You feel hollow inside, like there’s a part of you missing.

Then all of these incessant thoughts come in.

Has he moved on?  Has he met someone else?  Is he with another girl right now?

The thought of it makes you have a dropping feeling in your stomach.

Your phone rings, your heart skips a beat and you think it’s him.  You rush over to the phone, read the caller id, and realize that it was your girlfriend checking up on you again to see how you’re doing.

Then a text message.  Again, you have that hopeful feeling… nope, it was your mom.

You stop yourself from dialing his number.  You keep typing out a long text message to him, but you can’t hit send.  Or maybe you do, and in response there is only silence.  You keep checking your phone every 10 minutes.  He’s not texting back.

Everything reminds you of him.  You want to lock yourself up and hide.

You keep listening to “your” song the two of you had.  It brings you to tears, but you don’t stop it from playing.  You compulsively go back through all of the photos you ever took together, reliving the memories.  It only makes it worse.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I know it does.  I know because I have been there.

I have been there many times, and I know that just because you’ve been through a break-up before doesn’t make this one any easier.

In fact, this is one of the hardest thing that you have ever had to go through.

I want you to breathe.

You are not alone.

I have stood in your shoes many, many times, felt so much pain and felt so incredibly miserable until I couldn’t do it anymore.

After my last break up with the man who I thought was the love of my life, dumped me and stopped taking my calls, emails, and texts, I felt abandoned, embarrassed, and hurt.

It was then, that I came to a breaking point.

I had a big realization that would change the way I looked at relationships.  I realized that I am worthy and “worth the trouble” to some amazing man out there, and THAT man WOULD NEVER break my heart.  He would never walk out on me, HE would stay and fight for me.

Things changed after I made that decision.

I took a chance on myself.  I trusted that things would work out with or without my now ex-boyfriend.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that break up ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to me.

That break up changed me as a person.

Where before I would sit around and mope after my earlier break ups… certainly that never did me any good…

Now, I picked up my tattered little heart and took my couch potato, formerly coupled-up ass, to yoga.  I got in incredible shape.

Exercise helped me get through the break up, funny enough.  All of those happy-chemicals I released sweating out my heartbreak helped make those first few weeks, and months after my break up, bearable.

Instead of spiraling into depression over this guy who couldn’t see what he was missing out on, I started DOIN’ ME!!!

I took great care of myself.  I started volunteering, and filling up my time with things that I thought were worthwhile.

Who was I to mope about a man while there were battered women, and starving people out there.  Focusing on the bigger picture in life really helped me gain a new perspective on this break up.  Helping others and seeing that there were other people out there hurting, made me hurt less.

DOIN’ ME helped me see that I was going to make it.

That last break up had such a deep impact on me and brought about such a positive change in my life that I decided I wanted to help others with this.

I have been giving relationship and break up advice my entire life.  I wanted to turn it into a career.  I wanted to mend the pain and help women see that they can live again, and that they can most certainly LOVE AGAIN.

Girlfriend, I’m tellin’ you!  Your life ain’t over!  Let me help.

Schedule You Free Session Now (Valued At $197)

While They Are Still Available.  Click  HERE To Claim A Limited Time Slot.

I became a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training program created by the world famous Tony Robbins.

I have sat 2 – 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreats and have created a meditation practice that keeps me centered.  I have learned meditation techniques that I can teach to others to implement into their lives to create balance and clarity for themselves while they’re going through such an emotional time.

I have completed the Lanmark Forum and the Advanced Course to give me an edge in communication and listening as a Counselor, lending my ear when it is needed the most.

I have read tons of books, blogs, magazines, you name it, on relationships and break ups to see what works and what doesn’t work for my clients when they’re trying to get out of pain quickly and want to move on.

Here’s what I know.

I know that I can help you get through this.  I know that this isn’t the end for you, it’s only the beginning, of the next step in your life.

Your break up happened for a reason.

Your break up is telling you that there is something greater out there for you.

Here is what I can offer you.

First, I am going to help you by helping you find clarity during this really confusing time.

-Do you truly want it to be over and want to learn how to move on?

-Or do you still think there’s a chance and you want to try to get him back?

I can give you techniques that will help you significantly subtract the time it’s going to take you to get over him.

I can reveal the steps you need to take to get him thinking about you again, and texting you again… so that you can have the power back in the relationship and decide whether you even want him back.  All the while, letting him know who is in control, now!

Or do you simply just want to make him insanely jealous?  I can coach you back to that radiant, bomb-shell you were when you first met him, that got him to fall in love you.

Except now, you’re on the arm of someone way hotter!  That’ll get him to pay attention!

I want to lend you my ear and be that objective friend in your life.  You know, the girlfriend who doesn’t hate him, but also not the mother who’s disappointed the two of you couldn’t pull through.

All of your emotions are safe with me.  Even those crazy, irrational thoughts you might be thinking.  It’s okay, I have been there.  There is nothing wrong with the way you’re feeling.

I can help you craft the perfect text message that will have him confused that you’re not sad about him anymore and have him wondering what you’re up to and why he left in the first place.

We are going to create an awesome future for you, together, so that you can feel sexy, playful, alive… and frankly… just feeling like your old self again.

I can help you get out of pain, out of sorrow, and out of those obsessive thoughts about him.

I am not going to  try to deny what the two of you had.  I know that it was special.

But, now you are the first priority, you are what’s most important now!  You are the most special person in your life!

It’s time to do YOU!

Let’s get started on healing your heart right now.  I want to go on this journey with you and be that friend that you can lean on… but also that awesome coach that has a bunch of tricks and tools in her back pocket to get you out of pain quickly, that your other girlfriends probably don’t.

Let’s start by setting up a Free 1 Hour – Phone or Skype Consultation.

And, get you feelin’ good again.  You don’t have to walk around in this haze anymore, you don’t have to feel empty anymore.  I can show you how.

Schedule You Free Session Now (Valued At $197)

While They Are Still Available.  Click  HERE To Claim A Limited Time Slot.


with love and compassion,