Are You Ready To Win Her Back?

Or, Are You Just Pushing Her Away? angerandrelationships

How do you know if you’re actually ready to win your ex back?

A lot of guys go through an emotional breakup and the only thing that they can think about after they breakup is, how do I get her back? It’s, as if, the rest of your life fades out of view and the only thing that becomes important is her.

Ask yourself this question, when you first met your ex, was she the center of your world? My guess is that your answer is, NO!

How Are You Different?

You probably had your own friends, a career you were focused on, a family life you had to attend to, and you were probably actively focusing on your goals and your vision for the future… Which is why she was probably attracted to you in the first place!

So, how does this view of your life, you know, the pre-ex-girlfriend view look different from your current view? Well, pre-ex you were in control of your “frame”… aka, your world! Now, that the two of you have broken up your frame has shifted out of your control and into hers.

She Can Feel That She Is In Control

Women can sense when they are in control, when a man’s sense of self and sense of power has shifted. Women, on a basic level, thrive on the security that you are strong. They’re hard-wired from back in ancient the days when you, the man, had to physically protect your woman. Well, were not in those days anymore but that wiring is still there.

Women need to feel secure that their man has a strong sense of self… So, if you ever want the chance to win her back, you’ll need to get back to were you were mentally and emotionally pre-girlfriend.

What Not To Do!

So, before you send her that text, before you express your undying love to her, and definitely before you decide to tell her “yeah, it’s okay, we can just be friends”…

Ask yourself, would I have behaved like this when I first met my ex-girlfriend?

If the answer is no, then you’re only going to push her further away.

So, get control of YOUR frame, and give the relationship some space, so she can wonder and remember what she’s missing out on.

with gratitude,

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  1. Josh says:

    This crap sucks. I have a daughter with her and I adopted her son who was 5 months old. I raised him for 9 years and he only knows me as dad. I had gotten hurt at work and I couldn’t work for 4 years. I finally received surgery but that was to late for her. I was addicted to pain pills and messed my life up. I got 4 owi in 6 months. She also slept with a friend of mine but said I shouldn’t be mad because I have a bigger d*** wtf.i was hurt physically and mentally. When I got my settlement I went ape shit. Gave her 20 thousand buy that wasn’t good enough.k
    . Know she is seeing some dope dealer. I’m a good man but got screwed ……not literally cuz she banging the milk man.

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