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How Did A “Rough Patch” Turn Into A Breakup?

Something Isn’t Right, Here! One minute you’re in coupled bliss, the next minute he’s gone! You know your relationship is going down hill when you start fighting all of the time.  When you look back after you’ve broken up, you can’t quite put your finger on it.  One minute everything was fine, the next you’re […]

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How To Stop Beating Yourself Up After A Breakup

How Could I Let This Happen? A lot of women blame themselves after a breakup.  They ask themselves questions like.. What if I had been more understanding?  Or, What if I was less bitchy then would he still be here? How could I ruin something so perfect?  And, How could I do the things I […]

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#1 Thing You Must Do To Stop Obsessing Over Him

I hope this video was helpful for you. All of the action happens in the comment box. So come on over and tell me what you can do differently after a breakup? What are some new habits that you can put in place while you go through your breakup? What are some things you can […]

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