Completely Get Over Your Love

It is very difficult for any one when he goes through a break up. The person is completely shattered and he has work real hard in order to completely get over his girl friend. The moment you get the shock of a break up you need to make your self believe that this situation is actually in front of you and you need to face it boldly. You just can not wimp about it and sulk all though out. Yes you had loved her but now she has left you, it clearly shows that he never loved you.


"some one you love a lot"

get over some one you love a lot



You have done every thing for him; you gave up your entire world for him. You could not think of any other thing except his feelings and well being. You were only conscious about his well being and you could think of nothing else. Your entire world revolved around him and you could think of nothing else. H was every thing for you. he lit up your day just like the sun so it would come nothing short of a shock when you come to know that he as left you for some body else. He left you citing a thousand and one faults in you. He was the one who made you suffer from the excruciating heart ah that you can not tolerate but you need to over come so that you can move on with your life in a peaceful way.

The moments you had spent with him will remain with you for the rest of your life as you can not do with out them. For he did not reciprocate to your love well you should not malign your memories in any way. You should keep them by you in a much cherished manner. In order to get over some one you love a lot you need to make up your mind, you need to be very strong and firm, you can not give in to any thing that your ex says. He will try to get back to you by making you several requests and coaxing you but you need not give in any thing of this sort. It will create more pain for you and your getting over will be next to impossible.

The first thing that you need to in order to get over the break up peacefully is that you need to put away all the things that remind you of him or the things that belonged to him. When you trash away all his stuff then he will come to your min less. And you will remember the times that you have been together less. This way he can stay away from your mind and you will not be perturbed by his thoughts more than often. You have make sure that you will remember him as less as possible, this is because you can not afford to think about a person who caused you so much pain and has not never loved you nor has bothered about you well being after he leaves you.


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