Get over someone in a less harried way

A relationship which does not culminate will make you feel that you are a complete failure in everything and anything as this attribute make you think that you will not be able to do anything in your life. One should not think in this way as it affects the person’s mental health very badly.

All the time you might ponder about your relationship and that which part in it that did not work out. But this is a futile exercise in the sense that this totally unethical on your part, since you are wasting your effort thinking about a relationship which was never meant to work out. It will just make you feel more miserable and in the end will demoralize you.

Just after our break up we feel that the end of our life is near as swear that we can not live without that person whom we really love. We feel that we will inevitably die because our love breathed life in us. It gets quite tough to think that we are left alone by that person for whom you had left everyone and everything. It is not impossible to get a life after a failed relationship. You need to think in this way that you have to get over a crush no matter what. The person whom you though to be your life was not even worth you, otherwise he would not left you on the first place. You need to think in this manner that this guy totally unfit for you and you will find your perfect soul mate once you are able to get over someone.

It is incorrect to think that there is no life after a break up. You have every right to live and live well. You require thinking less about your ex and going on with your life. It practically gives you no benefit by thinking about your ex. It only makes things worse and does not let you live peacefully. In order to avoid this you need to think everything else other than your ex. This will help you forget about your past relationship and make you live your life happily.

It is an injustice done on the part of the dejected person to think that there is no meaning of living life anymore and then they get suicidal. This is totally unacceptable. No one can play with their life at any point of time of their life span whatever be the reason. This is absolutely not done. Life is God’s gift to us and we can certainly not frivolously play around with it. We get to live life only once and hence we have no right to play around with it in whichever way we want.


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