Get Over Your Ex- The No Contact Rule

Hey youths, don’t you ever think that break ups are one of the worst discoveries in the history of mankind. This is perhaps one of the situations that no one would ever like to face in life. But it’s true that most of us face this problem no matter how much we are committed in a relation. Both sexes taste the bitter feeling of break up in their life and they often feel harassed and they feel like there is not much left in life for them. But guys, isn’t there a better way to get out of this tasteless situation. Yeah, there are ways to do this. In this article , we are going to help out the females and we will discuss about the tips on how to get over your ex boyfriend.

So, ladies here are some positive and practical ways which will be going to help you in your way to get over him.

ü   Put away all bits and pieces, which reminds you of your ex.

Just get rid of the things such as the gifts you received from your ex or any type of letters because whenever you see the history, you will always unconsciously get into it which will ultimately scratch your wounds deeper. Try to make the things remain out of your sight.

ü   Do new things.

Totally avoid the places you used to visit with your ex boyfriend. Any situation or area you encounter will bring the past memories back in your mind. Stay away from old hang outs and try to visit new place with your friends and loved ones. Try to explore new things and locations and you will feel much better in this way and you will gradually get over him.

ü  Read and learn new things.

You just need to keep your master organ busy. Sometimes we can’t control the thoughts coming into our mind rapidly. When we suffer from depression, even if we try to get rid of the situation, we can’t really do that because of the reason that we couldn’t keep our brain that much busy in other works and therefore past things are being retrieved in the brain. So, we must occupy our brains with some creative activity such as reading novels, learning the various forms of art or by enrolling in a guitar learning class. We have to focus on putting more wrinkles in our brain and soon we are going to forget the drama in our personal life.

ü  Try the breakup songs.

It’s time to give vent to your anger and get over how he wronged you.  Forget all the sad, over-sentimental I miss you songs. Just pop these women empowering songs into your favorite player and rock to being strong and independent.

Here are some of the songs to get over a guy and surely you can try.

ü  My happy ending by Avril Laving.

ü  Don’t bother by Shakira.

ü  Get out [leave] – Jo Jo.

ü  Ain’t it funny- Jennifer Lopez.

ü  Over it- Katharine mc phee.


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