Get over your lover in no time

We become nervous and fret with the idea of how to get over a break up. We term it to be our final and last moments of our lives. We do this as we believe that we will die if we can not live with the ‘love’ of our life. It gets miserable for us to pass each moment without our lover. It gets so unbearable some times that we tend to become suicidal. We think that w can not live with our partners which is completely untrue. It dos gets difficult to get over you ex but it is not impossible. There are several ways in which we can easily over come our past and work for the betterment of our future.

"Get over your love"

One can do many things to forget about her past to begin anew. The first and foremost thing one can do is that she can stop blaming herself for the break up. Even if she is responsible for the break up, she can not be wholly responsible for it. Her partner too should be blamed. You gave up everything for him but he gives you up for some one else. Thus it is not worth to get back this guy if you are thinking of getting back to him.

You may change into a person who has completely lost faith in life and love and condemn every one who is optimistic about their life. This should not be your approach of looking at life after a break up. You need to learn from you mistakes and not commit them again. Having a pessimistic attitude will not help you in any way. You need to have a positive outlook towards your life in order to know how to get over being dumped. You may feel miserably alone at times but that does not mean that you will not despise the person who is in company of others.  You require being a tolerant person who understands well and believes her mental faculties to function in an orderly fashion.

It does get hard to make your heart believe all the above things. In situations like that the most helpful people in your life will be your friends and family. Your friends and family are the only people who can make you laugh even in your most gloomy days. They help you get through all kinds of situations in your life, they will cry with you when you are sad and roar with laughter when you are in your most jovial mood.  This will make you realize that they were many people for whom you need to live. Your boyfriend was not the only person for whom your life was worth of but you need to live for your best buddies and confidant family members. They are only people who are going to stand by you whatever you do or whatever situation you may be in. the best thing about them is that you can always fall back and depend on these people no matter what.


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