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Breaking up can be a very painful process. So much so that for some, it is the most painful thing they have ever done. If you are reading this article, maybe you are fresh out of a recent break up and are looking for some relief to your immediate grief. Getting over break up advice can be hard to find and so as the owner of a well respected relationship and dating website, I have come up with three steps to teach you how to get over a break up.

"get over someone you love"

It is very important to feel your feelings right now. Let the hurt run its course. It usually is the worst for the first few days and gradually gets better after that. At this point, writing a grief letter to your ex can really help. Don’t ever send it to them but take the time to explore what you are going to miss and what aren’t you going to miss. What are you angry about? What are you sad about? What do you fear this break up means? What was your part in the break up? What are you always going to love or appreciate about your ‘Ex’? This can be very enlightening to the healing process.

If your relationship is truly over you must let go of things that remind you of them. This may sound harsh but what you focus on you is what you feel. If you continuously think of losing your partner – guess what? You’ll feel terrible. That’s why, once you’ve dealt with the real signals that the emotions give you, you must do as much as you can to focus your mind on things that please you. Take responsibility in getting reminders out of your environment. Pictures, letters, phone numbers, you don’t have to destroy anything just keep them out of sight. They are emotional triggers. Out of sight out of mind remember?

As I said above, what you focus on you will feel. Write down a list of things you love to do. Whenever you start to feel sad, run and find your list and DO something that’s on it. Keep adding to your list. Dance around the room, call a good friend, and listen to music so loud your ears hurt, you know what I mean. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this can work to change your mood. Usually the easiest and quick ones are the best to do in order to change your mood fast.

There are different things that affect people who try to move on from a break up:

  • The effects of doing the routines they used to do with their ex-partner
  • Not having somebody to introduce as your partner when you go out
  • The thoughts of your ex moving on with someone else
  • Change How You do Things – a Great Way to Deal with a Break up!

Of course, anybody in a relationship will eventually develop a routine with their partner for how they do things on a day-to-day basis. And after a break up, it can be hard to continue those routines when you know you used to share them with someone who had your heart.

Well, here’s the deal. Even though you enjoyed doing things the old way, there’s no rule that says you can’t change how you do them! In fact, changing how you do things can symbolize a fresh start for you. Sticking to the “same old, same old” can sometimes keep you stuck in the past and pining over your lost relationship.

  • Adjust your wake up time each morning
  • Replace your breakfast bar stools with a dining table and chairs
  • Doing little things differently will definitely help with moving on after a break up.
  • Embrace your Freedom – a Surefire Way to Move on After a Break Up!

Being in a relationship is great, but so is the liberty of being a single person! Of course, you’ve become so used to going out with your ex and introducing them to your friends and family. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do things.

There are actually many people who admire how happy others can feel about their single status. In fact, you displaying true happiness with your new found status is probably motivating other people to get out of a relationship they’re in just for security.

Once you start to embrace your freedom, you’ll slowly find yourself letting go of the lost relationship and yearning for some new experiences!

Forget about your Ex: Concentrate on How to Deal with a Break Up

Are you constantly sitting and wondering if your ex-partner has moved on with someone else? And does it pain your heart to think those thoughts? Well, it shouldn’t because there’s a great likelihood that your ex is happily moving on and isn’t thinking about you!

The sooner you let go of thoughts of your former spouse or partner, the sooner you’ll be able to move on from the break up.


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