How Did A “Rough Patch” Turn Into A Breakup?


Something Isn’t Right, Here!

One minute you’re in coupled bliss, the next minute he’s gone!

You know your relationship is going down hill when you start fighting all of the time.  When you look back after you’ve broken up, you can’t quite put your finger on it.  One minute everything was fine, the next you’re finding that any little thing sets him off.  Or maybe you’re the one who starts picking fights.

You look back and something was definitely up.  But, now it’s driving you crazy trying to figure out why it ended, and trying to figure out why he bailed.

Why Did He Bail?

Though, I do think that every breakup is unique and I want to honor each person going through their individual pain.  I will tell you this one universal truth about men.  Most men tend to be scared of women’s emotions.  They simply don’t know how to deal!

When a man feels like he can’t make you happy he feels unworthy in a relationship.  If a relationship starts to fall apart and he perceives you to be unhappy in the relationship he will start to pull away.  A man, subconsciously, might start to believe that he can never make you happy and will start retreat and look for a way out.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

Well, now that you’re broken up you have two options.  You can take the low-road.  You can start blaming yourself, calling yourself crazy, or label yourself as too emotional.

Or you can accept the situation.  You can accept that he has pulled away, or ran for the hills.  You can ask yourself, if this man can leave at the drop of a hat is he the kind of person that will commit to me for life?

Project your relationship into the future and see if this is the kind of man who could support you.  And I don’t mean financially, I mean emotionally!  Remember, that in a relationship where a man can emotionally support his woman and be with her through the good times and the rough, is the kind of relationship that’s fulfilling, joyful, and will last.

So, now when you find yourself in a crazy loopty loop again, asking yourself questions about why he left?  Remind yourself that he couldn’t handle all of your beautiful, womanly, emotional glory, anyway!

with gratitude,


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  1. Britt says:

    My biggest frustration is that he changes his mind all the time. He tells me he has feelings for me still, but its my birthday and he made me cry.. Its been since June when we broke up but it still hurts so bad.. something takes me back to him all the time even though I know its all a game to him.. Its like a control thing.. Its like he enjoyes seeing me cry and hurt. I have tried multiple times to walk away and say goodbye to him.. He says the reason we cant be together again is because I am going to college this fall. I explained we could make something work, and if it was true love it wouldnt matter how bad it would hurt in the end, it would be worth it to remember that person and spend the only time we have left together in a good way. He has been with multiple girls since me and has even had sex with two other girls. It ridiculous when they are both ugly.. There is a part of me that thinks he only did that to get over me or upset me but at the same time, I know how he has been turning out to be.. Hes so selfish and I want so bad just to get over him. I see him every day in school so it is not easy at all. He sends me messages from time to time but when I try to say goodbye he tells me no and says dumb corny stuff to keep me from leaving. He is not hurting at all and I know it… Please help… I need advice.

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