How To Deal With Him Moving On

So, you broke up.  And all of the sudden you notice on his Facebook and you keep hearing from mutual friends that there’s a new girl that he’s seeing. 

Who is she?  How did he move on so quickly?  Where did they met?  Did they meet while we were still together?

Unanswered questions start to cloud your mind.  You can’t focus at work.  You can’t stop talking about the situation with your friends and they’re getting tired of hearing about it.

But, what are you supposed to do?  He broke your heart.  You’re broken up and now you’re all alone and left to deal with it.

After a breakup it may feel like the world is ending.  You keep obsessing over him.  You keep checking your phone to see if he’s called or texted.  Getting over your ex seems impossible at this point.

And that girl?  How could he do this?

Well, first you have to understand that men and women react differently to a break up.  He feels like your relationship has ended, and his first move is usually to find another girl and fill that void.  Men are very directional and so they will choose to heal their heart differently from a woman.

While you’re thinking, “how could he do this to me?”  He’s probably doing this because he doesn’t know how to cope with pain, and he himself is trying to avoid feeling rejected.

Remember, it is much harder for a man to cope with pain, than for a woman.

Men are taught at a young age to not display emotion, so they grow up not being able to express themselves.  At least that is the case for most men.

While women were taught that showing emotion is a good thing, and they typically have large support circles of friends.

Think about it, it would be taboo and weird if a guy came to his guy friend after a breakup and wanted to cry to him!

So the first step to getting over your ex is to understand this difference between men and women and how they deal with pain.  This understanding will help you deal with having a broken heart.

He’s not out to get you.  He’s not intentionally trying to hurt you, and make things more painful.  That’s just his way of moving on.

So the next time you find yourself having obsessive thoughts about him, remember that he probably doesn’t know how to deal with the pain in another way.

Focus on your life and be grateful that you’re not shutting down.  And even though you may feel the crazy ex girlfriend sometimes, just allow your emotions to wash over you and focus back on work, friends, and on staying active.

A busy schedule after a breakup is your best friend.

with gratitude,



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