What If Losing Your Ex Feels Like You Lost Your Best Friend?

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Just to review the points from the video in case you might have missed any of them.

So, what do you do if losing your ex feels like you lost your best friend?

First, identify that you have been contributing to the idea of a “Special Relationship” a “Special Love”.  Start to rekindle any relationships that you might’ve abandoned.  Entrust parts of yourself with other people, allow yourself to be quirky or weird in your relationships.  Don’t wait for another man to come around to feel like you can be yourself again.

Second, start becoming your own best friend.  What does this mean?

Well, if your ex used to buy you flowers or cook you dinner, start buying yourself flowers and cooking yourself and your new found friends dinner.  Do things for yourself that he might have done for you.  Start loving yourself and showing yourself love.  Take care of yourself!

Finally, ask yourself this one question.  Does your life partner have to be the same person as your best friend?

Answer honestly this question for yourself.  Do the qualities of a best friend elicit love and passion in a relationship?

We can most always find a best friend who is platonic.  We can find a best friend in a girl friend or a family member, this role doesn’t always have to be left to your life partner.

So, those are the 3 points and action steps that I made in the video.  Please come back to this video anytime you need to revisit this topic.

Remember, love is a universal concept.  Love is everywhere.  You can have different types of relationships, but try not to rely too heavily on your life partner as that “Special Love” that you give everything to.  It will alleviate pressure off of your future relationships, and may even prevent future breakups.

Here’s to healing your heart!

with gratitude,



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  1. Debakavita says:

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