Playing “Mr. Nice Guy” Won’t Work To Get Her Back

Are You Letting Her Walk All Over You?

Do you find yourself continuously “giving in” to her?

Even though, you know you shouldn’t be letting her walk all over you, you’re desperately afraid of losing her… You think if you give this situation a little bit of space she might walk out of your life forever…

Maybe you think that if you keep treating her like she’s “your girl”, she’ll realize what she’s missing and come back to you…

Yet, somehow you know that something in your behavior is letting her know that she can keep treating you like this, even though you just want to “be there for her”.

Stop Being There For Her Every Beckoning Call

That’s right, you heard me! It’s counterproductive. You may think that being there for her all of the time is getting you closer to getting back with her, but have you made any progress? Or do you feel like she’s acting more erratic the “nicer” you are? If you look at your current behavior with her, the constant waiting on her, eagerly jumping on text messages or phone calls, letting her come over or go to her place at her request, but when you ask her to do the same, she plays mute, yet you still take it….

Versus… The guy you were when you first started dating her… The guy who had his own life, who texted her when he felt inclined and inspired to, the guy who didn’t plan his life around her needs, the guy who made time for her when he wanted to, and had her wondering if you were even into her…

So, which Guy are you currently being?

Are you being the guy who is still pretending to be her boyfriend, even when she’s consistently not acting like yours? Has that gotten you any closer to getting her back?

But, She was My Girlfriend!!!

I know, I know! It sucks! It sucks when someone who used to be so warm to you turns cold and erratic. The truth is that she no longer sees you as her boyfriend, so if you’re wondering why she’s behaving this way it’s because you’re still treating her, as if, she’s still your girlfriend.

Imagine if the tables were turned, if you had dumped her and in your mind you knew she WAS NOT the girl for you. Yet, she kept at it, bombarding you with texts, “I love you’s”, telling you how much she missed you, and how much she wanted you to take her back.

In this scenario, you don’t want this girl. For a little while, this behavior might make you feel good, it might even build up your ego, but secretly, you would think this girl was desperate, and you would know that you could have her anytime you wanted, without you having to make a move.

Now, imagine that you’re being that guy right now!

Take On The “Dating Mindset” To Get Her Back

So, if she’s treating you like you’re not her boyfriend it’s because you are not. Your old relationship is “null and void”, as hard of a pill that is to swallow. If you want her back you will have to go back to the mindset you had when you were first dating her. That “Cool Guy” that could have his pick in women! The guy that made the calls about your relationship status, not her! I’m not telling you to go and be a dick to her, but it’s time to “lean off of the boyfriend behavior”.

What I mean by that is lean off of the daily “good morning” texts. Lean off of calling her and asking her, “how are you?”, lean off the being available E V E R Y single time she needs you.

You weren’t doing that shit when you and her were first dating.

What She Needs To Know About You

As counterintuitive as you think this may be. She needs to know that you have other options, that you have a life of your own that you love. She needs to know that you’re “up to stuff” and not sitting around waiting for her. She needs to know that you can “take it or leave it” with her. She needs to be able to miss you.

Remember the expression, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

These were all things she knew about you when the two of you first started out. She needs to know that you can be that strong, confident man, again. The man who doesn’t “need” her, but wants her.


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