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The best person in your life is perhaps your partner. You can not even think of any thing else but him. He is the only thing that you have ever thought of. He was very thing to you. He was the whole world for you. You had never thought of hurting him in any way that is imaginable by you. You are very careful to keep him happy and contended but he needed or did any thing like that for you. He was very thing for you. You wanted nothing exchange but some affection and love. You expected only these things so that you could do any thing for him. You were only expecting him to love you back and nothing else. You could do a lot of things with him. He was every thing to you. He was the only thing that you were ever concerned in this extent. You could never think of any thing else. He was some thing of an enigma to you, he boosted energy in you, you were nothing with out him but with him beside you could do a lot of things which you could not think of even.  So it comes nothing short of a  shock when he tells you that he is going to leave you for some one else. He needs to have the best of things so that he can have the best things for himself. So when he dumps you were completely shattered and devastated.

"someone you love"

The phase of getting over someone is one of the most difficult in your life. It is very obvious that you will be pained and you feel very down but you need to pickup your self so that you can have a better future ahead of you. You need to be a very rigid and firm so that you do not give in to any request made to you by your ex partner. Think of it in this way that if he had loved you so much then he would have loved you and never thought of laving you ever in your life. You need to thin of it before you want to get back to your ex but it is advisable not to get back with him. More over him would be making you many requests but it advisable that you do not give in to any of it.

When you are getting over someone you really love there are a few things that you need to consider before you adopt the measures yourself. The first thing that you need to do is that you need to trash away all the things that remind you of him. He is the only thing that ever made you so happy and you can not think of any thing else with out him. He was every thing to you but he repaid it to by dumping you. You need to be determined in order to get over the guy who had loved for this long.


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