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3 Steps To Curing “The Breakup Blues”

Got That Feelin’ Of The Breakup Blues No, that’s not the name of a love song, but I’m sure you’ve listened to your fare share already, reliving those memories, which are now extremely painful. It feels like you’re a self-cutter. What is that empty hole after a breakup, anyway?  Why does a breakup make you […]

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An Antidote For Those Nights & Weekends Without Him

“Special Love Syndrome” When your relationship ends and you find all of your “new found” free time unbearable, it makes the pain of a breakup even worse.  Your weekends used to be set aside just for him.  Date nights, movie nights in, and outdoor adventures, now make you sick.  You can’t drive by your favorite […]

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#1 Thing You Must Do To Stop Obsessing Over Him

I hope this video was helpful for you. All of the action happens in the comment box. So come on over and tell me what you can do differently after a breakup? What are some new habits that you can put in place while you go through your breakup? What are some things you can […]

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