Tips To Stop Thinking About A Person You Still Love

Life has many down falls but nothing can be as heart wrenching as a break up. What makes a break up even more difficult to bear is the knowledge that the person you still love and care fordoes not bother about your feelings and has been betraying you for a long time. This might make you feel like a fool but it does not make you stop loving him. This is very hard to come to terms with a fact that your love is no longer returned by your partner and that there is someone else in his life that has taken up your place. For a short time you may even go in the denial mode and think that this just a joke or a small fight that has made your partner angry with you for some reason. But you will have to stop thinking in that manner and face the reality with your head held high. It is not you who have done anything wrong so there is no reason for you to feel embarrassed or rejected. You just have to go through the situation with your dignity intact and think about how to get over someone cheating on you so that you can put down this incident behind you.

Find out ways to deal with your break up

If you are looking for someone to tell you how to get over a break up you need to know that there is no one who can help if you are not ready to help yourself. You must make up your mind that your relationship is something that can not be salvaged and therefore you need to make plans about what you need to do in future. If you are thinking along the lines that you pain can not ever get healed you need to know that there are many people before you who have gone through similar situations and have managed to bury their love and heal their heart. But it takes a lot of time to cure the pain that is bugging you. The best thing that you can at this point of time when you miss your ex is recollect the humiliation that you have felt because of your ex. By remembering that time you will be capable of changing the way you think about your partner.

To shed a new light on your relationship you need to talk to your friends about your break up and you will learn a lot of things that you did not discern before. When you have this knowledge about the bad points of your relationship and your ex you will be able to leave your past behind and as time moves on you can even have a happy life. Patience with yourself is what you require at this phase of your life. You also need to make all the effort to keep your mind engaged in some activities that you always wanted to take on so that you would not have any time in which you can mop about your ex.




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