Ways To Get Over Someone You Really Love

One of the most traumatic experiences that a person can undergo is the suffering a breakup. It is really very painful to getting over someone you love a lot. To be very honest, there are no such magic rules or miracle cures for a broken heart and each person is different. It puts an enormous pressure to the day to day life. Most of the times after you are being dumped by the person you love, it seems that life is end and there is no need to live anymore. But its not true.

Take The Life In A Positive Way To Move On After A Bad Break Up

If you are not the person going through the suffering, in that case time is a great healer. It will be a different story if you are the person trying to figure out how to get over someone you really love. If you are undergoing in this situation, you need to go to the counselor. Counselor may not solve your problem but it will help you to relief you pain and you will be able to move on in your life easily. To get over a relationship you can try to write poem or type anything which come into your mind. In this way all of your emotion will come out. Read thoroughly your writing and check if anything is missed out. If so, add those and continue. Let them come out. By doing this you may cry but later on you will feel better. After a relationship ending though you may not be yet ready to date, make a list of all the qualities that you want in a partner and those you don’t want. When you understand where you went wrong it can easily bring back all the distressing memories.

It is quite astonishing that some people have the capability to move on very quickly after a breakup and enter into a new relationship without batting an eyelid. But, there are some people who are real ‘softies” and they are really struggle to get over their lost love. They can become emotional at any time and they find they are frequently depressed and alone. After a bad break up there is a probability to call your ex again and again. But if you really want to get over a break up it is better to stop calling him as there is no need to make yourself feel hurt again and gain.

You can find someone to talk about your thoughts with. Discuss your relationship with someone and observe what their take is on it. Maybe they will be able to see where you made the blunders. When you love someone entirely then you are capable to let them go. Though it hurts, but you desire them to be happy and have everything they wish for and deserve, unluckily it was not with you. It’s easy to get over someone you love when you fill the void they left with something else. Instead of just sitting there looking at the void, focus on filling it with something you enjoy.


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  1. Russell says:

    he doesn’t want to be told he has a problem so he doesn’t mionetn it. the biggest reason we go to counseling is for the affair and everything around it. I feel that his porn problem is the root of what caused the affair and i want it exposed and dealt with. My husband promised next session that we could talk about it but he’s still apprehensive. I try everything i can to be a good wife(have a good job, cook, clean, give head,lol), but if he doesn’t get sex when and how he wants it he turns to porn and masturbates like no tommorow. Sometimes when we’re having sex he can’t even finish normally he has to pull out and masturbate to even get off. I love my husband and i meant what i said when i said for better or worse . A lot of you are probably wondering why i’m having a kid well, we’re working on our marriage and i’m going to be 29 this winter. I always knew i wanted to have a baby before 30 and so i went ahead despite my situation and got p/g. I am prepared to be a single mom if worse comes to worse. But i want my marriage to suceed. Is it possible? My husband likes our marriage counselor and really opens up with him but has never shared this issue he has. I have kind of enabled him because i didnt have a problem with porn when we first met and neither did he, but over timeit’s like an obsession with him. He has to masturbate every night before bed whether he’s had sex that day or not. he looks at internet porn everyday sometimes several times a day. he has naked photos of me and various other porn people on his computer, cell phone, ect..and an external hardrive on his computer filled with movies of us having sex. Now i enjoy the video camera and i don’t mind taking a sexy pic and texting it to my husband once in a while. But he requests this stuff daily and it’s wearing me thin. Is there a line between sexy fun with my husband and too much? I’m just lost. the straw that broke this camel was this weekend my husband and I had sex firday night, saturday morning, and saturday afternoon, then sunday i got sick (morning sickness) and told him i just wanted to sleep, no sex or anything. His personal comp has been in the shop for repairs for 1 week and won’t be back til next week. I asked him please not to use my computer for porn because i don’t want it filled with viruses and trojans. He used it anyways and left his sites on the history for me to find when i was looking for a page i had surfed the day before. When i confronted him he said well i didnt go to any bad sites with viruses i almost flipped. I just don’t know if our counselor can help with this, but he says he will try talking to him. Am i doomed to divorce?Also just an FYI the porn he was looking at on my computer was TnA flicks.com and FB pics of one of his co-workers wives in skimpy clothes and bikini’s.He is not doing drugs or anythinglike that, he’s active duty military so no drugs allowed. He has masturbated 2-3 times a day and more since he was about 12, it’s normal for him he claims. Even in highschool when he was having sex with his g/f 2-3 times a day he still masturbated on top of that. But his porn habit has gotten worse since we met and got married in 2006.We’re both caucasian.

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