You have to get over your ex to have a good life ahead

The best time of your life is perhaps when you love some very dearly. You want to be in the company of that person forever and you want to do every thing that he tells you to do. You try to do all the things so that you can please him. You keep in mind about his well being always and you think of no way to hurt him in any way, but he repays back it to you by leaving you. He never had any intention to keep you happy, he never cared for your well being and thus it was very easy for him to leave him. But you had done every thing in your limits to keep him happy and contended but he never made any effort to do any thing for you. To get over your ex you need to do a lot of things by which you will get better eventually.

"get over your ex "

After your break up you need to think in this way that this was just another trial and error method by which you will be able to find your perfect soul mat. You need to be very strong mentally; you should give in to any kind of coaxing by your ex, if you do so you will be more pained. If you have decided that you will remain friends after the break up, it is advised to remain away form each other completely for a few days. This is because it will not give you any instance so that you ponder about your past memories which you had shared with each other.

When you think of how to get over a break up then the first thing that you need is to follow the self imposed rules. You need to firm in your decisions. You can not give in to any kind of requests made by your ex. Instead you should make him feel that you are keeping distance from him and u want to move on with your life and that you are not at all affected by his leaving you. You can do very well with out him. He was a past thing of your life and you have chosen to move on, thus no matter how many times he calls or how often he tries to met you should not melt, you need to show him that you do quite well with out him and it is he who is unwell with out your love, care and affection.

When you want to know how to get over being dumped, the best people you can take advice from are your friends and family. They are the best people which can give you the best ways so that you d not feel bad or gloomy. They will make sure that you do not feel like a failure and that it was he who was at fault which is why he left you.




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